The whimsical artwork of Joanne Fink’s Zenspirational Sayings combined is a perfect collection for home décor projects. Add another layer of inspiration by making the butterflies flutter above the stitched image.

Zen Inspiration in 3D


  • Zenspirational Sayings by Joanne Fink #80201
  • Fusible Woven CutAway White
  • Ultra Clean and Tear
  • Medium Weight TearAway Black
  • StitcH2O WashAway
  • OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth
  • 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Isacord thread
  • Black bobbin thread
  • White bobbin thread
  • 10” x 14” Blue woven fabric
  • Black fabric large enough for small hoop
  • 8” x 10” art canvas
  • Staple gun (heavy duty, preferably electric)
  • E6000 or other glue suitable for fabric


Fuse a piece of Fusible Woven to the back of the blue fabric to provide more permanent stability.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 1

Hoop the blue fabric with 2 pieces of Ultra Clean and Tear stabilizer. Use 505 spray to spray baste each layer of stabilizer to the fabric.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 2

Place StitcH2O on top of design area, tape in place if necessary. Stitch design #80201-01, changing colors as required. Remove completed design from hoop. Tear away excess stabilizer and topping. Hand wash the project to remove excess stabilizer and topping. Hang to dry.

Note: Stabilizer fiber will remain under the stitched area to support the stitches.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 3

Hoop black fabric with two layers of Medium Weight TearAway using 505 Spray to adhere the layers together. Change the bobbin thread to black. Stitch the butterflies, changing thread colors as required.

Note: If software is available, use software to isolate just the two butterflies. If editing software is not available, step through the design stitching only the butterfly colors. Or, stitch the entire design and discard the unused portion.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 4

Remove the design from the hoop. Gently tear away the stabilizer one layer at a time. Place face down on a Perfect Press Cloth to make the designs pop!

Cut as close to the edge as possible without cutting the stitches of the design.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 5

Place dried blue fabric face down on the Perfect Press Cloth. Press to remove all wrinkles. Spray starch and steam may be used as needed.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 6

Spray canvas with 505 spray adhesive. Position blue fabric over canvas centering the design area. Smooth away wrinkles by hand.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 7

Turn the canvas over to show the back side. Working on opposite sides, staple the fabric to the wood frame of the canvas. Check the front and pull to smooth any wrinkles. Staple other two sides. Fold in and trim bulk at the corners and staple in place.

Zen Inspiration in 3D 8

Apply a small amount of glue to cover the body (not wings) of each butterfly. Fold the wings up from the body and position the stand-alone butterfly over the base one. The butterflies should only be attached along the body allowing the wings to be bent away, when completely dry.

This layering technique creates a dimensional surprise to the wall hanging that perfectly complements the inspirational message!

Zen Inspiration in 3D 9

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