Dress up your harvest table settings with embellished linen napkins using Amanda Murphy’s Thankful embroidery collection. These fringed napkins are quick, attractive, and easier to make than Granny’s Cranberry Sauce.

Thankful Napkins


  • OESD’s Thankful by Amanda Murphy #80278
  • OESD AquaMesh Plus
  • OESD StabilStick Template Sheets
  • Isacord Thread
  • 4 – 19” x 19” squares of linen for napkins
  • Linen scraps for appliques
  • Fabric marker of choice


Since the napkins have a frayed edge, it is important to cut them straight on the grain of the fabric. Once cut, stitch 1/2″ from the raw edge on all sides of the napkin. This controls the amount of fraying.

Print a design template at 100% size for each of the napkins on StabilStick Template Sheets. It is helpful to have a background grid. Trim the edges of the template up to the design as shown by the red dashed line.

On one corner of each napkin, mark 1″ from the raw edge on each side with a removable marker as shown.

Position the template on the napkin to line up with the lines marked in Step 3. Hoop AquaMesh Plus paper side up. Remove paper to expose the adhesive surface. Place the center of the template in the center of the hoop. Finger press to secure the fabric in the hoop.

Load the design into the machine. Position the hoop so that the needle is over the crosshair of the design template.

Once the hoop is in position, gently remove the template.

Position the applique fabric over the design area.

Stitch the design. Change colors as necessary.

Remove the napkin from the hoop and gently trim away excess stabilizer. Trim applique close to stitching. Pull threads, one at a time, from each edge of the napkin until the fringe reaches the stitching line. Rinse or wash away remaining stabilizer. Press.

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