Get ready to bring the essence of a seaside getaway to your home when you stitch a Summer Beach Suncatcher! In this step-by-step machine embroidery tutorial, we’ll show you how to make this unique and eye-catching wall hanging. Sunlight shines around the beautiful stitched design thanks to our innovative technique of OESD Clear Vinyl combined with organza fabric. Embark on your creative journey to the ocean right from your sewing room… grab your supplies and let’s get stitching!

Summer Beach Suncatcher machine embroidery project



Step 1

Hoop one layer of Aquamesh and Badgemaster Stitch the first step and place the clear vinyl over the placement stitch, followed by the organza.

Summer Beach Suncatcher hoop fabric

Step 2

Stitch the tackdown stitch and cut the fabric along the lines.

Summer Beach Suncatcher stitch placement line

Step 3

Finish stitching the design.

Summer Beach Suncatcher machine embroidery design

Step 4

Remove excess stabilizer and rinse the fabric under warm running water. Let it dry completely and then press the design using the Perfect Press Cloth.

Summer Beach Suncatcher remove stabilizer

Step 5

Use the Perfect Punch Tool and MiniMAT to punch holes along the outside of the design.

Summer Beach Suncatcher punch holes

Step 6

Cut your hemp string and use Alligator Clamps to pull strings through the holes.

Summer Beach Suncatcher add string

Step 7

Tie the ends along the hoop in a star formation, keeping the design centered (or positioned where you’d like it)

Summer Beach Suncatcher tie string

Step 8

Cut the excess string at the knot and glue with hot glue to secure. Add string to the bottom and decorate with your chosen items.

Summer Beach Suncatcher finish with hot glue and decorations

Step 9:

Hang your finished project and enjoy!

Summer Beach Suncatcher finished project


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you created your own Summer Beach Suncatcher? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!