Spring is in the air, and so is the joy of machine embroidery! If you have a passion for gardening, this easy DIY Springtime Garden Apron will be your new best friend! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to customize your apron with your favorite embroidery designs, useful pockets, and embellishments. Use one of our Start Here Embroidery Blanks – the OESD Easy Apron – to make creating this project so quick and easy! Create a fun garden-themed project with Summer by Shannon Roberts – collection number 80279 – or adapt this tutorial to create a kitchen apron using our Food and Drink designs!

Springtime Garden Apron



Step 1

Press apron. Fuse the Fusible Woven to the bib area of the apron.

Springtime Garden Apron Press with Iron

Step 2

Fold apron in half to find the center. 

Springtime Garden Apron fold in half

Step 3

Mark center with the Perfect Pencil to determine placement.

Springtime Garden Apron mark half

Step 4

Print the template for the apron bib on a StabilStick Template Sheet. Center the template on the apron. Try on the apron. Change the template’s position if necessary for perfect placement.

Springtime Garden Apron place template

Step 5

Using the Grippy Grid, hoop StabilStick TearAway. Tear off the release paper.

Springtime Garden Apron hoop stabilizer

Step 6

Using the template as a guide, fold the top of the apron down (the template will be on the right side).

Springtime Garden Apron

Step 7

Fold the apron in half, so now you have quartered the apron bib.

Springtime Garden Apron fold in quarters

Step 8

Center your hoop on the grid marks of the Grippy Grid. Place the quartered apron on the grid.

Springtime Garden Apron press apron to stabilizer and hoop

Step 9

Unfold the apron and finger press the apron to the stabilizer.

Springtime Garden Apron finish placing apron in hoop

Step 10

Stitch the design on the bib of the apron.

Springtime Garden Apron stitch your design on embroidery machine

Step 11

When the design is finished stitching, remove the apron from the hoop. Remember to support the stitches when you remove the stabilizer.

Springtime Garden Apron tear away stabilizer

Step 12

Remove the Perfect Pencil’s placement lines with an iron. Fold the bottom of the apron up 9 inches to form the pocket. Press.

Springtime Garden Apron measure pocket

Step 13

Fold the apron in half to find the center. Press.

Springtime Garden Apron press apron pocket

Step 14

Mark the center line with a Perfect Pencil.

Springtime Garden Apron measure apron front pockets

Step 15

Measure 5 inches on either side of the center mark. The center pocket will measure 10 inches.

Springtime Garden Apron measure apron front pockets for embroidery

Step 16

Measure 4.5 inches from the bottom fold and mark a line across.

Springtime Garden Apron layout of pocket designs

Step 17

Mark apron 4 inches from each side for correct placement of designs on side pockets.

Springtime Garden Apron mark centers of pockets

Step 18

Use the template to center the apron on the stabilizer in the hoop. 

Springtime Garden Apron place front pocket design

Step 19

Repeat for the side pockets. Stitch all 3 designs.

Springtime Garden Apron place side pocket designs

Step 20

Using the vertical lines as a guide, sew the pocket seams.

Springtime Garden Apron stitch designs on embroidery machine, then stitch apron seams

Step 21

Cut Fuse and Seal into ½ inch strips.

Springtime Garden Apron cut fuse and seal

Step 22

Cut 4 pieces of ribbon 9 inches long and 2 pieces of ribbon the width of the apron.

Springtime Garden Apron cut ribbon

Step 23

Press the strips of Fuse and Seal to the back of the ribbon.

Springtime Garden Apron press fuse and seal to ribbon

Step 24

Press the ribbon over the pocket seams.

Springtime Garden Apron press the ribbon over the pocket seams - top and bottom

Step 25

Press the ribbon on the top and bottom of the pocket.

Springtime Garden Apron

Step 26

Enjoy your finished apron!

Springtime Garden Apron finished machine embroidery project


Use a white OESD Easy Apron for a different look!

Springtime Garden Apron variations of machine embroidery project
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