Plant Stake Banner machine embroidery project

Create a cute banner for an indoor plant with designs from Debbie Mumm’s Hip Hop Garden.


  • Hip Hop Garden by Debbie Mumm #80020 embroidery collection
  • 1/4 yd or fat quarter for background
  • Scraps and/or charm squares for appliqué designs and background strip
  • 1/8 yd or scraps for hang tabs
  • 1/4 yd or fat quarter for backing
  • Appliqué Fuse and Fix
  • Fusible batting
  • 6″ x 12″ pot stake
  • Isacord thread



Cut (1) background block 8″ x 14″
Cut (1) background strip 3″ x 14″
Cut (1) backing piece 7″ x 12″
Cut (1) fusible batting 11″ x 14″
Cut (4) 2″ x 2″ hang tab

Banner Top

To make hang tabs, place wrong sides together and sew 1/4″ on both sides. Turn tabs to right sides and press. Fold each tab in half and press.

Plant Stake Banner 1

Sew the side background strip to the background block.

Bring designs 80020-06, 80020-15, 80020-15, 80020-18, and 80020-19 into your sewing machine or software and arrange.

Follow Applique Fuse and Fix instructions and fuse to banner block. Hoop banner block and Applique Fuse and Fix. Follow appliqué backing instructions when embroidering appliqué designs. Embroider designs.

Plant Stake Banner 2

Remove from hoop and cut banner block to measure 7-1/2″ x 12-1/2″. The strip piece is 2″ x 12-1/2″. Background block is 5-1/2″ x 12-1/2″.

Plant Stake Banner 3

Pin the folded hang tabs in 1″ from each top corner and even with top banner edge. The folded edge will be facing towards embroidery designs. Place the banner back on top of the banner block, with right sides together. Fusible fleece will be the bottom layer. Sew 1/4″ around the banner. Do not leave an opening. Clip corners.

Plant Stake Banner 4

On the backing piece, draw a line about a 1″ from the bottom and about 4″ long from side to side.

Plant Stake Banner 5

Cut the backing fabric only, on the drawn line. Turn banner to right sides. Press. Hand stitch opening closed. If you desire, you can fuse a piece of ribbon cut just a little longer than hand stitching, over the hand stitching.

Plant Stake Banner 6

Place Hip Hop Garden banner onto pot stake. Place banner and stake in a favorite pot. Enjoy!

Plant Stake Banner machine embroidery project

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