OESD’s Kaleidoscope of Feathers #12523 embroidery collection is a multi-colored collection of 20 different designs. You will find freestanding lace, applique, a jumbo hoop design and more. This collection features a lot of colors and a lot of variety to make several projects with.

Now onto the instructions for creating this fun feather mask…


  • Two pieces of felt that are larger than the mask pattern
  • A variety of FSL feathers from Kaleidoscope of Feathers #12523
  • Ribbon or elastic to secure mask.


  • Cut a practice mask out of one piece of felt and adjust as needed to fit the face of the person who is going to wear it. Download the mask pattern here.
  • Trace the mask pattern on to one of the pieces of felt and cut it out. This will be the front of the mask.
  • Trace the mask pattern onto the second piece of felt, but do not cut it out. This is the back of the mask.
  • Place the feathers however you like you over the back, making sure the stems go far enough into the mask pattern you traced to get stitched into place later.

NOTE: Instead of trying to pin the stems of the feathers in place, it is easier to use painter’s tape to hold the the tops of the feathers to the un-cut felt back.

  • Pin the ribbons or elastic into place
  • Place the front of the mask over the back, lining it up with the traced mask outline. Pin in place. Now the feathers and ribbon are sandwiched between the front and back.
  • Stitch a seam ½” to ¼” inside the edge of the front of the mask. We recommend using a wider fancy stitch if you have them on your sewing machine, or stitch one seam ½” and a second ¼” from the edge. This helps make sure the thin stems of all the feathers are held in place well.
  • Cut out the back of the mask, making the edges even with the front of the mask. You can leave the felt longer behind the feathers if you like to give them extra support. Be careful not to cut the ribbon or elastic!

And that’s it! This would make a great project for the kids to help with.

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