Incorporate the essence of summer into your home decor with this delightful DIY project – the Ice Cream Decor Box. This creative and whimsical piece of art is made with a combination of fun machine embroidery, a thrifted wooden box, and charming ice cream cones featuring homemade pompoms. Embrace the sweet life this summer season and stitch your very own today! It’s also easy to upcycle various containers and switch out the embroidery designs to fit any season’s style!



Step 1

Hoop one layer of Heavy Weight CutAway and one layer of StabilStick TearAway.

Step 2

Use the Perfect Scoring Tool to remove the paper from the StabilStick.

Step 3

Sew a basting stitch the size of your box to help with placement of the fabric.

Step 4

Prepare your main fabric by cutting it to the size of your box plus 1/2″ on all sides. Ours measures 10”x5”.

Step 5

Apply Fusible Woven to the back of the fabric.

Step 6

Center and float your fabric.

Step 7

Stitch your chosen designs according to the thread chart and instructions.

Step 8

Remove from the hoop and carefully cut away excess stabilizer.

Step 9

Press finished design, then carefully attach your finished design to the box with small nails on each corner.

Ice Cream Cones:

Step 10:

Create template for the ice cream cones. Cut a 8″ circle out of paper. Divide into 8 slices by drawing 4 lines crossing in the middle. Cut out one of the triangles.

Step 11

Using the Perfect Pencil, trace the pattern onto a piece of fabric and cut out.

Step 12

Add a piece of Fuse and Seal to the Fiber Form using an iron on medium heat. Remove the paper from the fuse and seal using the perfect scoring tool.

Step 13

Place the fabric onto the Fuse and Seal/Fiber Form combo. Make sure the Fuse and Seal side is up and adhere using medium heat. Cut away the excess.

Step 14

Using a marker, draw lines horizontally and vertically to create a waffle cone pattern.

Step 15

Bring the ends together and roll into a cone shape. Glue both ends with hot glue to keep the cone shape together.

Step 16

Using a pom pom creator, make several pom poms for the ice cream scoops. Create a small and a large pom pom for each cone. The small will fill up the bottom space of the cone so the large one is higher than the opening of the cone.

Step 17

Create 3 more ice cream cones and place them all in the box. Your project is complete. Display and enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you created your own Ice Cream Decor Box? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!