If this winter season has you looking to spruce up your wardrobe with a homemade project for yourself or a loved one, look no further than our Festive Penguin Winter Scarf! Follow this easy, beginner-friendly machine embroidery tutorial to create a cozy new cold-weather accessory. They’re quick to create so you can craft up one for yourself, then gift them to friends and family. Who wouldn’t love the cozy warmth of this stylish and useful scarf, perfectly decorated with some cheerful penguin companions? Not only does it keep your neck warm, but the pockets are handy to protect your hands from the cold as well as store your phone or keys! Get excited as you grab your thread and fabric because it’s time for us to start stitching!

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf



Making the Pockets:

Step 1

Cut fabric for pockets. We cut ours to 8″ x10″ which is larger than necessary. You will square off and cut the fabric to size in a later step.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf Measuring Pockets

Step 2

Mark center of fabric with the OESD Perfect Pencil.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf marking pockets

Step 3

Hoop 1 layer of HeavyWeight TearAway and 1 layer of MediumWeight TearAway. Add 1 layer of Stitch2O to the top.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf hooping pockets

Step 4

Follow the steps on your embroidery machine to stitch out design. Remove stabilizer and press.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf press embroidery on pocket

Step 5

Add Gentle Touch to the back of your stitched designs. This will make it feel nicer when using the pockets.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf add gentle touch backing

Step 6

Trim and square off fabric so the final size is 6″ x 8″. Repeat with the other 3 pockets.

Making the Scarf:

Step 7

Mark center the center of your fabric, and then mark the center of each side. Measure approximately 2″ from the bottom and mark. This will be the placement for the bottom of your design. Make sure your chosen design is facing the bottom edges of the fabric.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf mark center of scarf

Step 8

Hoop 1 layer of HeavyWeight TearAway and 1 layer of MediumWeight TearAway. Add 1 layer of Stitch2O. Follow machine steps and stitch out your lower design on the scarf fabric. Remove stabilizer and press.

Attaching Pockets:

Step 9

With the scarf laying fully flat, pin one pocket 5 ½” from bottom and 2 3/8″ in from the sides.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf attach pockets

Step 10

Top stitch along the sides and bottom using a 1/4 in seam allowance. We kept our edges exposed to go with the style of the scarf. Use Fray Check on the edges to help prevent fraying if desired.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf sew on pockets

Step 11

Continue with the other 3 pockets.

Assembling the Scarf:  

Step 12

Fold the scarf in half rights sides together. Make sure to fold it the long way.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf inside out

Step 12

Sew along the long edge with ½ in seam allowance. Keep the bottom edges open.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf sew scarf together

Step 13

Press the seam and flip right side out.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf press seams

Step 14

Using the OESD Perfect Punch and MiniMAT, punch holes in the bottom approximately 2″ from the edge. We did 10 holes.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf punch holes for fringe

Step 15

Cut yarn, fold it in half, feed it through the hole and tie together. Repeat for the other side.

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf add yarn fringe

Step 16

Stay cozy with your brand new embroidered pocket scarf!

Festive Penguins Winter Scarf finished project


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you stitched your own Festive Penguin Winter Scarf? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!