Create a banner for your elementary classroom or home classroom using your favorite embroidery design collection.

We used the Medley Appliqued Alphabet #12372 and stitched out the letters on one piece of fabric, leaving a lot of space around each letter. Cut the letters out into pennant-shaped banner pieces. Also, cut out a second set for the backs. Right sides together, stitch your appliqued or stitched letter piece and the back piece, leaving an opening. Trim, and turn right side out. Hand-stitch the opening. Press.

Use eyelets or small grommets in the upper corners on both sides of the banner and cord or yarn to lace together for hanging in your classroom. Make and spell simple words like “WRITE” or “READ”. Also, use the same idea for making banners with your teen’s favorite mascot, like “TIGERS” or “BEARS”. 

Banners are simple to make and the possibilities are endless! Consider a child’s first name for their bedroom, or use a surname for a family celebration.

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