In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to upcycle a lamp and add to your home decor with machine embroidery! We used the Roar collection by Tula Pink, intricate dinosaur-themed designs, to decorate this lamp shade and turn it into a work of art! Illuminate your space with creativity when you place the designs, stitch, then embellish with ribbon and other decorations that match your style. Grab your supplies, find a lamp you love, and let’s get stitching!



Step 1

Lay out your large piece of paper on a flat surface. Starting at the seam on your lamp shade, trace along the bottom as you roll the lamp shade, stopping when you get to the seam again. Repeat this process on the top. Connect the two lines together using a straight edge.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp make template

Step 2

Add ½” to the top and the bottom for the hem to overlap a the end. Add 1-2” or more to one of the sides for overlap when wrapping the fabric onto the shade at the end.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp measure template

Step 3

Pin the template to the fabric and cut the fabric along the template lines.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp add template

Step 4

Starch the fabric using a spray starch. This will help stiffen the fabric since the Roar designs we are using are dense.

Step 5

Apply Fusible Woven to the back of the fabric.

Step 6

Apply StabilStick TearAway to the back of the fabric. All of these stabilizers will help eliminate puckering 

Step 7

Print your chosen designs on StabilStick Template Sheets and place them in your desired locations on the fabric.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp place designs

Step 8

Hoop 2 layers of Medium Weight TearAway.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp hoop stabilizer

Step 9

Using 505 Spray Adhesive temporary bond, spray the back of the fabric in the spot the first design will be. Float the design on your embroidery hoop.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp hoop fabric

Step 10

Stitch your design.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp stitch design

Step 11

Carefully tear away the stabilizer. Repeat for all designs.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp remove stabilizer

Step 12

Add pompoms or other decorations to tie all of the designs together.

Step 13

Use a spray adhesive permanent bond to attach the fabric to the lampshade. Start at the seem on the lamp shade and carefully roll the shade onto the fabric, pressing it down as you go.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp cover lamp shade

Step 14

Fold the top and bottom towards the inside of the shade to secure it in place.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp attach fabric

Step 15

Using the spray adhesive, add decorative ribbon to the top and bottom, but do not fold in. Cover the seam overlap with ribbon for a finishing touch.

Adding Embroidery to a Lamp add decorations

Step 16

Attach your new lampshade to the lamp base, screw in a lightbulb, and enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you ever added embroidery to a lamp? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!