At OESD, we love our Freestanding Lace. It’s a technique we pioneered over 10 years ago! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we used our Freestanding Lace Shamrocks #12683 collection to make a quick festive garland. You can use it to decorate your mantle, front door, or your St. Patrick’s Day table.

If you haven’t made Freestanding Lace yet, prepare to be addicted! Sometimes using those beautiful lace pieces can be a challenge, but we have great resources to help ensure your lace comes out perfect. Check out some Freestanding Lace information here.

We stitched 2 of each shamrock and 1 “lucky” lace design.

Once you’ve stitched out your lace, you’ll want to collect some supplies. The beauty of this garland idea is it can be customized for your décor or any holiday. For this project, we used burlap, novelty St. Patrick’s fabric, and twine.

•   Cut your burlap and fabric into 1.5” x 12” strips

•   Cut your twine as long as you’d like. Ours is about 54” long. Play with the layout!

•   Use hot glue to attach your lace to the twine.

•   Tie your strips between your lace for added texture and interest.

Now you have a festive St. Patrick’s Day garland! Because we’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day… Enjoy!

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